About us

We are a team of developers, theatremakers, visionaries, directors, therapists, artists, workers, educators, thinkers, visualisers, actors, enablers, dramaturges, and hobbyists. Click here for the team list.


Nicole Otte

Free production manager, member of the founding group of the “Ballhaus Ost e.V.”, organization and management of the TAK Theater in the Aufbau Haus, member of the board at LAFT Berlin. Co-organizer of the “Netzwerk für den kulturellen Wiederaufbau im Irak- Kulturaustausch.net”, Creator/Developer of the “Woven Theatre Project” in cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Erbil, Iraq.

Anina Jendreyko

Actor, director and co-founder of the Volksbühne Basel, initiator of “Kulturbrücke Kurdistan”, lecturer for performance skills and communication, project manager of the “Woven Theater Project”.

Sophie Nikolitsch

Dramatic adviser and author, prizewinner of the Else-Lasker-Schüle-Stückepreis
2015, participant of the masterclass within the Hans-Gratzer-scholarship.

Oliver Schubbe

Dipl.-Psych., psychological psychotherapist, behavioral therapist,
Founding boardmember of EMDRIA Deutschland e.V. and the international network of EMDR trainers (NOET). He is a founding member of the Gesellschaft für Psychotraumatologie, Traumatherapie und Gewaltforschung (GPTG). Since 1990 he has been head of the Institut für Traumatherapie, Berlin.

Ariane Ehinger

Dipl.-Psych., psychological psychotherapist, lecturer at the Institut für Traumatherapie, Berlin.

Bithika Chatterjee

Children’s rights and childhood researcher, theatre pedagogue

Sandy Schwermer

GET INTO PLAY, artistic research and mediation. Director, puppeteer, and actress. Artistic Coach in Canada (Montréal),e.g. in the Artistic Training Department of the Cirque du Soleil: game improvisation with objects. Founder of GET INTO PLAY artistic mediation practice, a method for moderation of creative processes in the team. She is the conceptualiser and artistic director of projects at the intersection of visual arts and music. In 2015, she received an award from the Federal Republic of Germany as a cultural and creative pilot for the Puppet Philharmony. As a freelance lecturer she teaches the communication of artistic production methods / interdisciplinarity and puppetry.

Lukas Besuch

Actor, author, training as pantomime / mime at the Schule der Darstellende Künste “die Etage” e.V., Berlin, training at the school for clowns, Mainz, training as a youth and child care worker with the main focus on music, circus and theatre pedagogy at the Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik Sophienpflege, Tübingen.

Leandro Gomes Viena

Theatre pedagogue from Brazil, works in various projects in Berlin, Schwerin and Rostock with refugee children and youth.

Sandra Krah

Lecturer for adult education at Charité Berlin, ergotherapist with a psycho-social focus, training as a clown.

Kiki Xantra,

Master of Arts in Education

Claudia Berger,

Socio-cultural entertainer / children’s theater

Käthe  Klement

Graphic designer and media designer for digital and print, trained bookseller.

Woven Theater Project is a member of the Gesellschaft für Psychotraumatalogie, Traumatherapie und Gewaltforschung.