WOVEN THEATRE PROJECT مشروع فوفن المسرحي

Internationale Theatre project with refugees


Forced migration and war are deeply and generationally interwoven with the emotional-cultural life and experience. Families are no longer able to show their children, or to even feel themselves, what should be basic human qualities: empathy, resilience, a keen eye towards the environment, commitment, personal contentment, and trust and interest in others. In various theatrical workshops, e.g., puppetry, physical theatre, body and rhythm, or mime, we provide input for intellectual debate and develop common tasks. Our approach is playful, as well as action and body-oriented. This opens up new perspectives and possibilities for action and creates access to emotions. We work with refugee adults who come from a theatrical or pedagogic background. We give them the tools of theatre and how to impart this knowledge to children. In this way we locally weave self-empowerment structures in order to connect local people and refugees so that they can integrate themselves into the new society through the instrumentof theatre. Theater as a dialogue, cultural exchange and job perspective.

Our concept

The theatre project, in partnership with the Goethe Institute, is directed towards refugee children and adults, mainly from Syria, who are staying at refugee camps in the Independent Region of Kurdistan in Iraq. We work together with two camps, each with about 6,000 families. The theatre workshops take place on the grounds of the Goethe Institute Iraq / Connection Office Erbil.



With our funds from the theatre sector we hope to offer refugees the opportunity to gradually free themselves from their precarious situation and to change their perspectives. In doing so, we rely on the transformative power of the theatre, supported by trauma processing therapy theories. We support and stimulate their personal strength and reawaken their cultural rootedness.



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Fehmi, 43, participant

My wife and my children are very happy. This is the first time in the last three years I have been able to play with my children. They think it’s great.

Sponsors/ Partner:

Goethe Institut
Volksbühne Basel
GPTG - Gesellschaft für Psychothraumatologie, Traumatherapie und Gewaltforschung
Institut für Traumatherapie
Internationale Kooperationsprojekte
get into play
Universität der Künste Berlin
Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte
Lukas Besuch
K:Des!gn - Kristina Otte (Grafik- und Webdesign)

About us

We are a team of developers, theatremakers, visionaries, directors, therapists, artists, workers, educators, thinkers, visualisers, actors, enablers, dramaturges, and hobbyists. Click here for theteamlist

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