Theatre Workshop l

Theatrical Theaters and Principles of Theater Playing from 27 May to 3 June 2016 in Erbil / Iraq

The team consisted of Anina Jendreyko, actress and director, Sandy Schwermer, actress and puppeteer, Ariane Ehinger, psychologist and dream therapist, as well as Nicole Otte, system- and solution-oriented coach and project developer.

The basic principles of activation and group dynamics were arranged in two groups and laid the foundation for working with objects.

After a three-day introduction with 14 supervisors  the first children’s group was invited. Together with the attending tutors, the learned contents were elaborated with the children again. All participants had the opportunity to see and explore how the exercises worked with the children and how to direct the energies of the different children and transform them into the joy of playing.

After a selection of six supervisors as well as a project assistant, which are now paid for in the course of the project, a further children’s group between 8 and 13 years has formed.

For more than eight months, our caretakers have been working twice a week, each with two groups of 25 children from the camps of Qushtapa and Karwergosk, and we are giving them the basics of our first workshop. The courses take place outside the camps, in the rooms of the Goethe-Institut’s office in Erbil.