Theatre Workshop ll

Principles of the clown theater and physical theater from 12 to 20 September 2016 in Erbil / Iraq

In the middle of September the second workshop took place, focusing on the “Foundations of Clown Theater and Physical Theater”. As a coach, Luka’s visit – actor, director and mime player, Sandra Krah – adult educator, ergotherapist and approaching clown, Leandro Gomes Viana – theater pedagogue and Nicole Otte – was a system- and solution-oriented coach and project developer.

The basic structure of the workshop was – as in the first workshop – supported by solid rituals, exercises and concentration exercises. In addition, the content of the teachings of the clown and the physical theater, which focused on their own presence and the structure of self-awareness, the strengthening of the “ego” and the emulation of emotions, e.g. Happiness, love, freedom, sadness and anger through various physical representations.

After three days with the participants the children were invited from the camps.

After three months of course, with the tools and styling, which were taught in the workshops, was a huge development. All the children showed great discipline, tremendous playfulness and lots of fun to play new games. They are already able to develop small roles and emotions and to represent them faithfully. The interplay within the groups works very well. The interaction between girls and boys was also fluid and not as strictly separated as at the beginning of the first workshop.