Theatre Workshop lll

Basics of Dance, Rhythm and Movement with the example of Break Dance and Hip Hop from 27 November to 4 December 2016 in Erbil / Iraq

This workshop focused on the basics of dance, rhythm and movement. This workshop differed from the previous ones in that the management team was also filled with a young participant, escaped from Syria and our translator. Both contributed their different expertise in the field of hip hop and break dance to the workshop.

In addition to the six mentors, seven other participants, partly from other projects, some visitors from the previous workshops, also attended the week’s course.

The development of the children has shown again how important a continuous work and the building of a co-operation in the momentary life situation are. The children were highly concentrated, balanced and receptive. They were there with full body use and had no inhibitions in the area of the dance in the joint encounter. The issue of equal rights between boys and girls as well as between physically weaker and stronger are not an issue.

The basic rules in the area of the theater were very quickly captured and internalized by all, so that certain feedback rules, rituals and equitable behavior within the courses are self-evident. Also the face-to-face, the mutual watching and listening are already an integral part of the children’s courses.